' Of the three states of human consciousness, sleep occupies two...how conscious are you?'

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The Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Practice is a family owned vocational practice which specialises in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine from diagnosis to treatment options. We are dedicated to ensuring a personalised and professional service with the primary aim for our patients being to obtain optimal daytime function with improved health outcomes and general wellbeing.
Sleep disorders encompass a wide range of conditions which may potentially have  systemic physiologic and psychologic implications when the quantity and or quality of sleep is disrupted, particularly on a background of any underlying medical issues.
As the Respiratory & Sleep Medicine Practice is a medical provider, you are under the care of a Credentialed Respiratory & Sleep Physician. All of our sleep studies are analysed by a sleep specific tertiary qualified sleep physiologist who is also board registered (RPSGT) and reviewed by our Respiratory & Sleep Physician, ensuring the scientific and medical integrity of all final results and thereby initiating appropriate therapeudic pathways for optimal patient outcomes.
It is imperative that any advise sought should ultimately be reviewed by a registered Respiratory & Sleep Physician prior to the initiation of any therapeudic treatment or intervention.

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The restoration of breathing during sleep

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